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The Band Played On is a midsize level 10 kinship founded in spirit of honesty, friendship, integrity, and above all, desire to make new friends and have fun on the Landroval Server. We are a casual kin with all levels of experience welcome.   We do not have many rules or requirements, except general courtesy and mutual respect. Majority of kinship age makeup now spans late teens to mid 40's, with a scattering of older sages between mid 50's and mid 60's (and at least one 70). TBPO welcomes new members of all levels.  You may apply for membership by clicking on the widget at left.  Hope to see you ingame.  Our server "World" is Landroval (US-RE).

Founder:     GonzoStyle          Leader:     Perloin          Seneschal:    Xaender          TBPO Ambassador-at-Large:      Gonzostyle

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